Cost In Use Analysis

At Betta Health Outcomes, we are passionate about client satisfaction. We work collaboratively with you to achieve optimal results in our service and maximising profits.

At Betta Health Outcomes we are the No 1 company for assessing items within the medical supplies your facility utilizes. Our skilled and experienced customer service team are willing to assist your business with financial benefits.

Without a strategic and well-executed pricing process, organisational objectives are difficult to achieve, and potential profits are almost certainly being lost.

A thorough pricing audit can make your organisation more competitive, lead to greater customer satisfaction and enable consistent pricing that responds to market forces, thereby maximising profits and achieving your organisational goals.

Product Audits

We can perform a product audit on that basket of goods and make product substitute suggestions to assist in achieving your goals and giving options with similar products.

From time to time the items in the basket can be changed to keep up with changing consumer tastes.

Some of the benefits of a strong supplier audit are:

  • Peace of mind when selecting products
  • Finding alternatives while trying to reduce costs
  • Proactively discovering quality issues with a supplier
  • Confirmation of corrective actions if past issues exist

Customer Service

Our customer service staff are second to none, with their many years of combined product knowledge enables our customers to rely on us to answer their medical supply questions.

The scale and breadth of our business provides us the edge over others to offer Value and Service without compromising on Quality. And this is what truly makes us 'Betta Health'.